In the Event of Full Disclosure by Cynthia Atkins

index Each poem in this collection is a tough customer; that is, language, line breaks and metaphors that pull no punches. Check out these lines from “Foundary”:

At the factory of lullabies,
fonts and DNA, a birthday book
was forged–fairy dust and pulp–
cherry perfume, loitering in spines
after curfew.

I love the double meanings of “forged” and “spines,” and the way the reader can’t settle in to the cuteness of lullabies and fairy dust, because words like “pulp,” “loitering” and “curfew” are standing around smoking stolen Camels. This is a very finely wrought collection and I loved it from beginning to end. A new poet to me, Cynthia Atkins can count me as a big fan. –Karen

One thought on “In the Event of Full Disclosure by Cynthia Atkins

  1. aryafj June 24, 2015 / 8:40 pm

    There is no question that each poem in this collection contains worlds within worlds that beg investigation. Cynthia is one of the most exciting poets I have encountered in a long time. She invites the reader to probe history and culture while peeling layers back from these as well as herself.


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